ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV

In 2003, the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ)organised its first workshop to commence discussions on the Digital Switchover (DSO). The discussions and subsequent consultations involved more than 100 representatives of the broadcasting and cable industry, telecommunications, transmission and retail sectors, consumer advocacy body, government ministries, regulatory agencies and members of academia.

The DSO is the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting where older analogue television broadcasting is replaced with modern digital broadcast technology.  Jamaica will transition to ATSC 3.0, commercially known as NextGen TV, which is the most advanced digital television transmission system in the world and brings a new generation of broadcast systems allowing for variety in content, greater video and sound clarity and opens new business opportunities for broadcasters and content creators alike.

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Formed on February 19, 2009, the committee is chaired by the Minister of Information.  Stakeholders including:

  • Key Ministries and Regulators
  • Broadcasters
  • Special interest groups including retailers
  • Civil society and others

The purpose of the committee is to facilitate discussion and to make final recommendations to the government for policy and legislative action.

The DSO Steering Committee is supported by a Regulatory and Technical sub-committee which is chaired by the Broadcasting Commission and functions with three (3) work streams:

  • Policy, Licensing and Administration
  • Network and ASO Planning
  • Communication and Public Education

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